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Chief Webmonkey

My name is...

My name is Scott...Chief Webmonkey here at I did a 3-day Dreamweaver course through Learn Direct about two years ago, and from there I've really got into web design. I'm no expert, and I learn new things everyday, so if you see anything that's wrong or you think should be there or should be different [relating to the Cambridge Link-Up website] then let me know...I was homeless before I knew I was homeless, I used to move around a lot, working the farms and the seasons picking and packing fruit, veg and flowers. Until one Christmas in Canterbury, somebody said "You're Homeless, why don't you sell this magazine?" so I did - and I became a Big Issue seller, and have been one now for the last seven years! "Homeless" became my identity during this time and I have been in plenty of nightshelters and hostels and communitites around this beloved country (I have been thrown out of nearly as many too!). I got nominated for a council flat by Wintercomfort in November 2006 and in July 2007 I got my own home, hopefully now I can move on a bit with my life, and hopefully Cambridge Link-Up will help you to be able to do the same...

The word "Home" means... Your own mini-universe.

I will always remember...I really can't say "I will always remember" anything, my brain's a bit mashed up now as it is, never mind if I reach 70 and Alzheimeer's kicks in...

I would like to forget...where the off-licence is, but miraculously I never do, even when i'm completely smashed and I need that last tenner for sort of important stuff, like food.

I enjoy...Warm special brew, especially the can half opened the other night with the fag butts in.

I politics and society are so obsessed by work and money.

My for watching free online movies is My all time tune? Possibly "Medicine Show" by Big Audio Dynamite.

My most treasured possession is...I learnt a long time ago it's folly to treasure things, you usually end up losing them. So the closest I can come to is my Big Issue badge.

If I ruled the world...It would be in more of a mess than it is now, but getting wasted would be legal and free. But there would only be one God for those that needed one, but only on the proviso that everyone understood that he's not really real.

I am part of Cambridge Link-Up because...Somebody mentioned building a website, and as it was my first proper one, what better place to start than empowering homeless people in Cambridge.

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