Train Times Very useful, but if in doubt check by phone, on 0845 748 4950. For the tiny stations, trust the phone rather than the website.

Currency Converter

Open University

Tube journey planner Indispensible for getting round London

Stagecoach Buses for all over the UK.

Selected poems from the University of Dundee - Shelley; Coleridge's Ancient Mariner; Keats' The Odes of 1819; Blake's Songs of Innocence and experience; lyrical ballads by coleridge and poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

British and Irish Authors on the Web An exhaustive list of writers over the past 2 millenia arranged by date of birth from Matsuoka University. Not a concordance as such, but entries are often hyperlinked, sometimes to concordances.

Allwords Crossword Solver

OneLook - strictly a meta-dictionary linking to a group of dictionaries, this supports the use of wildcards.

The Anagram Engine

thefreedictionary.com Loads of dictionaries and a couple of encyclopaedias, including Wikipedia.

Infoplease Not only dictionaries, but bios and encyclopaedias too. Like most of these sites, American English only.

The Glossarist Comprehensive listings for glossaries plus a search-engine if the term you're looking for is that bit more arcane.

Brewer's Phrase and Fable This standard is powered by the bibliomania e-bookshop.

Latin resources - I find this site particularly useful - use the links.

Wikipedia The world-famous encyclopaedia, rated by Nature as just behind Encyclopaedia Britannica for accuracy.

The CIA Factbook

Guinness Book of Records

BBC Homepage

Stagecoach Buses for all over the UK.

British national and regional Newspapers Also a selection from overseas.

Worldwide Newspapers Read your horoscope in every language.

Catalogue of Internet Resources Strathclyde University's academic resources base - has to be explored to be appreciated.

Britannia An American gateway for British history, heavy on ads, but a lot of good resources here.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

BioInfoBank Library A useful way to access recent peer-reviewed clinical articles, many of them pre-publication.

Science Direct

New Scientist

Scientific American

The Spectator Regardless of your political outlook, you will find the highest quality writing here.

The Economist No ideological axes to grind, just reportage on financial matters and problems in the societies in which we spend our money.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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