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Pagina Supplicatii Nodorumque

This site has evolved from a puzzle-solving and projects resource page to a Christian forums and concordances launchpad with a focus on unity, but puzzlers don't fear, the aforementioned resources have simply been moved further down the page. If you want to make any comments or suggestions, mail me!


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Anglican Mainstream Discussion Forum A really good resource for members of the Anglican Communion.

forums.xt3 A Christian forum geared towards the younger end (that's me done for, then!)

Christianity - Catholicism Forum A bit of a mouthful; run by, an interesting interface between Catholics and non-Catholics.

RC Alive

Life Messageboard Messageboard of a pro-life charity that is in great need of some pro-life common sense. (Currently closed down due to anti-life vitriol)

Catholic Community Forum For an in-depth look at the Catholic faith.

Cambridge Evening News Current affairs section of the messageboard sometimes features issues concerning the beginning and end of life.

Daily Express As above, except a comments facility instead of a messageboard. Ditto the Sunday Express.

The Daily Telegraph


Vatican website Bible Concordance New American Bible translation: click on the letter that the word you want to find starts with, then use the "find" facility of your browser (usually in the "edit" menu) to locate the word in the resulting list.

Catechism of the Catholic Church For the concordance function, press "alphabetical" at the top of the screen then proceed on the same lines as the Vatican Bible concordance above.

Crosswalk A fully functioning concordance which searches through all books of the Bible. Contains several translations, including the Douay-Rheims, for those looking for quotes from a Catholic translation. Also contains the Revised Standard Version.

BibleGateway A concordance within each book of the Bible: quick loading, quick search, also has a passage look-up facility.

Canons of the Church of England Looks complicated at first, but the bar on the left allows you to either download the files or view them on the web as .pdf files.

Code of Canon Law Catholic version.

The Koran I've put this Quran concordance on the site because I think we need increasingly to be able to find our way round these scriptures. I've found the Rodwell and Sale translations useful.

Selected poems Shelley; Coleridge's Ancient Mariner; Keats' The Odes of 1819; Blake's Songs of Innocence and experience; lyrical ballads by coleridge and poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

British and Irish Authors on the Web An exhaustive list of writers over the past 2 millenia arranged by date of birth from Matsuoka University. Not a concordance as such, but entries are often hyperlinked, sometimes to concordances.

Publications and Resources

Church Times Anglican weekly.

Anglicans Online

Evangelical Catholic Apologetics A huge and wide-ranging site; I suggest you explore it.

The Universe

The Catholic Herald

Catholic Life A monthly by the publishers of the Universe.

The Scottish Catholic Observer Sister paper to the Catholic Herald.

The Tablet

The Pastoral Review Has a searchable facility back to 1996.

Puzzle Solver

Allwords Crossword Solver - my favourite, all you need to do is to input the length of a word and at least one letter. Gives links to definitions, but be prepared to wade through all the answers. Also gives links to some pretty good dictionaries.

OneLook - strictly a meta-dictionary linking to a group of dictionaries, this supports the use of wildcards, and I include it here because I've found it invaluable when more puzzle-specific programs have failed.

The Anagram Engine - put in some letters at random and you'll see how powerful this engine is. Also a scrabble solver. (There is a crossword Solver but I prefer Allwords.)

About Puzzles A fascinating and expansive site devoted to puzzles and people who love them, where you'll find lots of puzzle-related pages and software. Heavy on ads, though. Below you'll find the puzzle-related postings in the forum:

Dictionaries Loads of dictionaries and a couple of encyclopaedias, including Wikipedia.

Infoplease Not only dictionaries, but bios and encyclopaedias too. Like most of these sites, American English only.

Roget's Tesaurus from the Kyoto University of Notre Dame team.

The Phrase Finder

World Wide Words The website of Michael Quinlon, writer on the English language and grammar, looking at international English from a British perspective.

The Glossarist Comprehensive listings for glossaries plus a search-engine if the term you're looking for is that bit more arcane. And, just to keep you going, Flamenco glossaries here and here.

Brewer's Phrase and Fable This standard is powered by the bibliomania e-bookshop.

Latin resources - I find this site particularly useful - use the links.


Wikipedia The world-famous encyclopaedia, rated by Nature as just behind Encyclopaedia Britannica for accuracy. Sister project Nupedia is stil a work in progress.

The Catholic Encyclopedia Some excellent articles on world history and things religious. Those interested and with access to a reference library may like to compare topics in this (1913) version with the New Catholic Encyclopedia of 1967.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia Written between 1901-1906, as far as I am aware this is the only Jewish Encyclopaedia available online free. The homepage states they are in the process of updating it.

Massive Online Encyclopedia of Islam What more can I say? I tried to find "veil" on here and was frustrated, but "modesty" was very enlightening. I would appreciate feedback.

The CIA Factbook - The famous resource on international issues, you have to see it to appreciate its depth.

Guinness Book of Records

The Encyclopaedia of Marxism - In my opinion the best resource if you like your wine red.

Online Resources - Religious

Diocese of Ely

The Church of England

The Anglican Communion Official Website Can they lend their webmaster to the Vatican?

Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia

The Catholic Church in England & Wales

The Vatican (Holy See) website. Apparently designed by the same sadist who gave Rome its traffic system. I get round this site using its quick list, or else use Google Advanced Search.

Association of Interchurch Families

Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by the Lutheran World Federation and the Roman Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic-Methodist dialogue A snapshot.

Perpetual liturgical calendar Okay, it only goes up to 4099, but it works for me.

The Human Rights Act 1998 Check out Article 9.


The following resources are from Revd Bosco Peter's Liturgy Blog.

The NET Bible "offers the most comprehensive set of free resources available online, including commentaries, articles, word studies, original biblical languages and cross references".

Reader's Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible You can set the word frequency for which definitions are provided and choose whether you want the part of speech, morphology, or frequency displayed. Optional popups provide additional lexical info. Parts of speech can be colored as you wish. Fonts and size can also be selected. Thanks to John Dyer.

BibleWebApp another wonderful resource from John Dyer. The Bible in Greek, with lots of parsing information.

Great Treasures A brilliant site for comparing different translations on one page, requires registration.

The Blue Letter Bible "in-depth study of Godís Word through an on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith"

Tyndale Toolbar Adds a Bible resources toolbar that you can disable and re-enable at your convenience.

Myriobiblos - Home of the Greek Bible

Unbound Bible easily customisable parallel Bible reader

The Online Greek Bible Greek New Teatament resources

Hebrew Interlinear Bible

Hebrew-English Bible According to the Masoretic Text and the JPS 1917 Edition

Links for studying the Hebrew Bible

Mechon Mamre More links for studying the Hebrew Bible

Codex Sinaiticus online

Online Resources - Other

Frixo Real-time traffic information, updated every 3 minutes from a variety of resources, including the government's official Highways Agency site.

Stagecoach Buses for all over the UK.

Train Times Very useful, but if in doubt check by phone, on 0845 748 4950. For the tiny stations, trust the phone rather than the website.

Tube journey planner Indispensible for getting round London

Cambridge Vue Cinema

BBC Homepage

British national and regional Newspapers Also a selection from overseas.

Worldwide Newspapers Read your horoscope in every language.

Catalogue of Internet Resources Strathclyde University's academic resources base - has to be explored to be appreciated.

Britannia An American gateway for British history, heavy on ads, but a lot of good resources here.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook Paul Halsall's comprehensive compilation of history sources, I have found this extremely useful.

BioInfoBank Library A useful way to access recent peer-reviewed clinical articles, many of them pre-publication.

New ScientistGood science, but also an instructive experience of evangelical atheists who want to chase people of faith out of science and education.

Scientific American Balanced science from people whose first priority is the advancement of knowledge and its application.

Science Direct

The Spectator Regardless of your political outlook, you will find the highest quality writing here.

The Economist No ideological axes to grind, just reportage on financial matters and problems in the societies in which we spend our money.

HTML Colors This chart of numbers and names is immensely useful.

BNF Online

Currency Converter


Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy All the philosophy encyclopedias you'll ever need; interesting presentation.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Less cramped presentation is easier on the eye than the above.

Importance of Philosophy Original, quirky presention but, like New Scientist, a major use is education as to how much evangelical atheists hate people of faith.

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