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Group Secretary

My name is...

Nick Dominguez, I am 48 years old and I have had my council flat for over 5 years. I was homeless for over 7 years and I had other periods of homelessness in my life before that, although not for such a long period. I also had many years of stability as I was married for a long time and have a grown up daughter who is now nearly 30. I first came to Cambridge in 1997 initially to attend Strawberry Fair and ended up staying for a few months. I returned the following years and stayed a bit longer but I was sleeping rough and continued with the homeless lifestyle. Most of my years of homelessness were spent on the streets of West London but in December 2001 decided to move out of London for good and settled in Cambridge.

Home means...

'a fortress of solitude'

I will always remember...

the kindness that members of the general public showed me when I was living rough and my friends who shared the ups and downs of homelessness with me.

I enjoy...a good political debate.

I hate... politicians who lie continuously.

My is Soul as it has brought me so much pleasure over the years. I have always felt emotionally comfortable with it, particularly deep southern soul la Otis Redding. My favourite film is 'The Goodfellas' don't ask me why as it may raise questions that I don't want to answer.

I don't have any treasured possessions except a few family photos.

If I ruled the world...

I would put all the international bankers, capitalists and their puppet politicians on trial for crimes against the poor.

I am part of Cambridge Link-Up because...I want to put something back into the homeless community. They are my family.

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